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Giorgio Linea

Production of fashion accessories – Giorgio Production line for leather accessories made in Italy Florence
The services offered by GL and its team of expert craftsmen and sector consultants involve the following activities:
During a preliminary meeting between Brand and expert consultants in the sector, needs are indicated in objective terms and research of materials, components and ad hoc solutions in order to guarantee functionality, aesthetic performance and maximum product quality.
  • modeling:
    engineering of the article to be produced.
  • prototype:
    development of the first example of the article to be produced, reproduced until the previously established quality and functionality are achieved.In this phase, customized development solutions are sought starting from the wooden forms, reinforcements to improve the resistance of the product and economically more advantageous that do not affect the design.
  • sample book:
    The final sample will be the starting point for the development of the repetitions – variants of materials and colors of the product foreseen by the collection. Once the sampling is completed, during the sales campaign, the product is defective, so that the times for the start of production are optimized
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