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Our experience at the service of exclusivity

With over 30 years of experience, Barbara Ricchi and her team have transformed leather processing into a true art form, completing highly innovative projects in the sector for big brands such as Burberry, Acne Studios and TheRow, Marni, Casablanca and many others.

Giorgio Linea is synonymous with Italian craftsmanship excellence worldwide.

Passion, experience, and exclusivity. Thanks to these three fundamentals, Giorgio Linea serves as a point of reference in the fields of engineering and production of fashion leather accessories, and as a point of contact for the leading brands in the fashion industry.

Giorgio Linea is more than just a name in the world of engineering and crafting leather fashion accessories; it's a benchmark and a catalyst for innovation in the industry. Supported by a solid triad of passion, experience, and exclusivity, we position ourselves as a trusted partner for the leading brands in the fashion industry.

However, our expertise does not stop at merely creating high-quality products. 

Giorgio Linea represents a unique blend of craftsmanship and strategic consulting, serving as an essential bridge between fashion brands and manufacturers. Our consulting service is designed to ensure that every stage of production is executed to the highest standards, with an unrelenting commitment to the quality and exclusivity that distinguishes each of our projects.


Start-up Partner

Grow with Us

Giorgio Linea provides customized services for brands and startups, from design to product realization. Barbara Ricchi offers targeted consultations to optimize functionality and quality.

The result is a detailed, efficient prototype with no production issues. We offer an initial 30-minute consultation for free to discuss and analyze your project.

We will send you an appointment for constructive dialogue.

Nautical World

In the past ten years, the nautical sector has seen steady growth and represents an important market. Giorgio Linea collaborates with leading shipyards to create customized products for an exclusive clientele, from leather steering wheel finishes to the customization of entire walls.


MyVintage Academy is the spin-off of the historic leather goods workshop, Giorgio Linea. Inside, it gathers decades of history and experiences from top brands in the fashion sector, preserving for the inspiration of designers, creatives, and students trends and solutions—perfect combinations of craftsmanship, experimentation, and innovation.



Giorgio Linea is not just an artisan workshop, but a true bridge between brands and manufacturers. We offer consultancy services to ensure that production is carried out in the best way possible, always putting quality and exclusivity first.

Un archivio di esperienza

L’archivio storico dei prototipi di Giorgio Linea è una miniera d’oro di idee per designer, product designer e talenti emergenti. 

Attraverso il nostro spin-offMy Vintage Academy”, offriamo uno strumento potentissimo per attingere a ispirazioni per nuove tendenze, tecniche artigiane e formazione.


We continue to offer fashion inspiration and education, but now with an even more streamlined experience.