Three-Dimensionality of Leather

The three-dimensionality of leather is one of the highest expressions of the art at Giorgio Linea. Under the expert guidance of Barbara Ricchi, our team uses cutting-edge shaping techniques to transform leather into three-dimensional forms that capture the essence of contemporary design. 

Each creation is a true work of art that embodies the excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

Combining Leather with Other Elements and Craftsmanship

Innovation knows no bounds when it comes to combining leather with other materials. Utilizing our exclusive know-how, we emphasize the union between seemingly different elements like technological fabrics or precious metals, creating products that defy conventions and redefine elegance.


Product Engineering

From idea to finished product, the engineering process is a crucial phase for Giorgio Linea. We collaborate with world-renowned fashion designers to transform sketches into functional fashion icons, identifying the most effective and refined solutions for each project.


Constant Evolution of Our Know-How

Our passion for excellence drives us to the constant research of new techniques and craftsmanship. The evolution of our know-how is an ongoing process that allows us to always offer cutting-edge solutions in the international fashion landscape.

Specialization in Premium Materials

Our work on premium materials like exotic leathers and rare metals speaks for itself. Every detail is the result of careful selection and artisanal skill that only decades of experience can provide.


Studio e sperimentazione materiali innovativi

Always attentive to new frontiers of innovation, we are constantly exploring new materials, such as fungi and sustainable fabrics, to offer products that are not only beautiful but also ethically responsible.

Seamless Opening Mechanism

Exclusively for each project, we create seamless opening mechanisms thanks to precise 3D craftsmanship. The goal is to create products that combine functionality and style in an inimitable way.


Giorgio Linea is also a reliable outsourcing partner. With our network of skilled craftsmen and advanced technologies, we are able to meet any production needs without compromising on quality.


Modellazione 3D

Thanks to the most advanced 3D technologies, we can visualize each project in an entirely new dimension, allowing designers to make real-time adjustments and ensuring an impeccable final result.

Pattern Production

Precision in pattern production is crucial for the realization of each garment. In this area, Giorgio Linea commits to providing high-quality patterns that serve as the basis for timeless creations.

With over four decades of experience and deep collaboration with the world’s most prestigious fashion brands, Giorgio Linea represents a perfect synthesis of craftsmanship, creativity, and technological innovation.